Hey You! The album concept & recording process.

Hey You! The Mean Eyed Cat
hey You! Back cover

“Hey You!” began life during the first lockdown of pandemic year 2020 when I began messing around with the 3 string cigar box guitar I had had for a while but hadn’t really got used to at all. I tuned it to open G, stuck it through a distortion effect and played it using a glass slide (bottleneck).

The first song to emerge was “Get Me Some” which was born out of frustration about not being able to go out socially, or gig, because of the lockdown, and also because I had watched a documentary about Lemmy on some or other TV show.

Other songs emerged shortly after, some of which were definitely influenced by the pandemic.

After I had demoed 6 songs on my Zoom digital 8 track recorder I decided to go into a local studio called One Track Mynde which is run by experienced, formerly London based, musician Steve Boyce.

The Recording Process

Steve Boyce

Steve at Abbey Road recording studios.

Lee playing 3 string cigar box guitar

Me playing 3 string cigar box guitar

We started the recording process on Monday 28th September 2020 beginning with Get Me Some.

We continued this process over the next 2 months averaging about one song per day.

The final session on Tuesday 2st December 2020 was what I called a “fix and mix” session were we fixed a couple of vocal lines that I weren’t happy with and then did a final mix on all tracks.

On the recordings I played my cigar box guitar, harmonica and sang the lead vocals. I also played acoustic guitar on Human Touch.

Steve, being an excellent and very experienced musician, played bass guitar, 12 string acoustic guitar and provided some stunning lead guitar solos – particularly on Vision Of Hell, Good Lovin’ Woman and Human Touch.

About the songs:

Hey You!Get Me SomeVision Of HellGood Lovin’ WomanPlanet EarthHuman Touch

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